Earn over ₦150,000 monthly with our digital franchise
How does it work?

Our Goal

Klacify Mobile App helps school owners and principals monitor their schools from their phones

Smart Attendance

For every school you sign up, we install a digital attendance system that monitors and notifies the proprietor when teachers come to school and when teacher leave the school. Digital ID cards are provided for the students too, to monitor their attendance

Remote Class Monitoring

This feature allows school owners to connect and listen to their teachers as they teach. The classes in the school are automatically recorded on Klacify so it can be played back anytime and on any device

Instant Result Processing

Our instant result processing system generates very beautiful end-of-term results for the school in record-breaking time. It is very easy to use and works on any phone. This is one of the reasons teachers love Klacify

Klacify Parent App

With Klacify Parent App, parents get notified instantly when their kids get to school. Parents also get notified whenever their kids leave this school. Every student is issued a digital ID card that is scanned when they arrive or leave school

How the digital franchise works

Klacify franchise is a proven way to start a successful online business. Here's how it works


Complete your registration (₦10,000)

Click here to register now. Please note - Your registration comes with a money-back guarantee. If after 3 months, you are not earning at least ₦120,000 monthly from the franchise, simply reach out to us, and we'd buy back the franchise and refund you.


One franchisee - One location

We assign our franchisees a fixed location in their state of residence. This gives only you the license to register all the schools within that location, with zero competition from any other person


Get paid by these schools monthly

Each school you register pays you ₦3,000 monthly to use Klacify. At 20 schools, you would be earning ₦60,000 already. At 100 schools you would be earning ₦300,000 monthly. Please note that 40% of this revenue goes back to the company and 60% to you

Why Join Us?

A few reasons why we you must not miss this opportunity

Klacify digital franchise provides you a reliable alternative stream of income. You only need to dedicate at least 3 months to sign up the schools around you. Once that is done, you can then continue to manage and monitor them from home using an Admin App we will provide.

The business opportunities in Klacify franchise are not limited to registering schools alone. Ministries of Education can use Klacify to monitor the schools, students and teachers in all the schools across the state from the comfort of their office. Deals like this can earn you millions

We are constantly researching and adding new features to the Klacify App to create more income-generating opportunities for you, our franchisees.

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Our Team

Here are some of the persons working round-the-clock to make Klacify a reality

Our Progress so far

We are proud of what we do


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